Coming up: December 13, 2024 | AMEX Cup event: TBA | Main event: TBA

The Course

The six-hole layout promises drama and excitement!


Hole 1

Par 4


Stroke: 2

A sweeping dog-leg right par 4 greets players from the tee box. Most are advised to lay up short and right, leaving a challenging approach angle to an undulating green protected by bunkers. A longer tee shot can be attempted by more aggressive players which leaves a better angle into the green, but this brings fairway bunkers into play. Caution is advised! 


Hole 2

Par 3


Stroke: 6

A playful par 3 with a large, imposing green. Accurate iron play is critical to avoid an almost certain three putt. The right side of the green slopes steeply away from the hole at the front, back and side. The middle and left side of the green is guarded by bunkers at the back and front so accuracy off the tee is paramount!


Hole 3

Par 5


Stroke: 3

A long and harrowing par 5 that requires precision throughout. Most players will opt for safety right of the fairway bunker, but longer hitters may take on the bunker and bring the green into play with their second shot – however out of bounds awaits anyone who misses left of the fairway bunker. A large lake looms on the left side of the fairway which must be considered when laying up. A multi-layered green awaits players on their approach with bunkers both short and right. A challenge not for the faint-hearted!


AVGAR Hole 4

Par 4


Stroke: 1

A challenging par 4 fraught with danger. A long, straight drive over the brow of the fairway sets up a middling to short iron into a shallow and slopping oval-shaped green. Anything short of the fairway brow will leave a difficult approach to a green guarded by a moat-hazard. For those longer off the tee, favour the right side of the fairway to avoid long grass obtruding the left side. The shallow-nature of the green will challenge most players, as a soft-landing approach is required to hold the green. Avoir peur!


Hole 5

Par 3


Stroke: 4

A frisky par 3 with a large circular green that slopes gently from back to front. A hazard lines the left side of the hole, with a green surrounded by intimidating bunkers on both sides. The collection area short and right of the green tends to be popular with many players, but this is an opportunity to Chase The Ace!


TAB Hole 6

Par 4


Stroke: 5

A short and enticing par 4 closing hole. Players are presented with two options from the tee; lay up short and leave a favourable yardage or challenge the green in one. The fairway is cleverly littered with traps adding a layer of contemplation for players who choose to lay up. The green is also guarded by bunkers at its mouth ensuring accuracy is required for those attempting to drive the green. The green is largely flat but has false edges both left and right which drain to tightly mown collection areas. A scoring opportunity not without danger!